classmate conversation- jose luis santillan

Jose Santillan is a freshman at CSULB and he says that so far he has been enjoying his first semester in college. He was in the Summer Bridge  program during the summer so that helped him out trying to get used to the whole college life. He currently is working on campus in the Design Building, and although he only gets like 10 hours a week he enjoys the time he’s there.

I asked Jose which high school he attended and he said he went to Bell High School.During high school, Jose mentioned to me that he was in a soccer team as well as cross country. He said he had tried out for volleyball but he wasn’t able to get in because he had to be taller. For Jose, CSULB was not his primary choice of school. He had been admitted to a private school in Arizona and he was going to have his whole tuition paid for, but something happened and they started adding some charges that had to come out of his pocked, so unfortunately he was not able to go to that school. He came to CSULB instead and just like me, he commutes here everyday. I asked Jose about his major and he said that for right now has pre-psychology on his mind,but at the same time he is undecided. He might change his major later on because he’s actually into Art and also into Biology\

He is a Barcelona fan and i am a real madrid fan. I was happy to find out Real Madrid beat Barcelona20141023_110515 this weekend his web page is


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