artist conversation- Andre stevenson

I think that Mcdonalds is the worst type of food you can eat. It is the nastiest/ fakest stuff out there. It has no good nutritional value. I was fascinated by this piece where it had McDonald’s lunch scattered all over the platform and next to it were votive candles. At first I thought it was a joke piece, where it had the meaning of food being to waste or money being waste on garbage. I have received a deeper more emotional image and meaning from it.As I noticed the candles around the food I realize that something terrible must have happened. After staring at it for a couple of minutes an image of death came in mind. I started imagining people dieting and or having an unhealthy life due to the junk food people consume. It was stated once that McDonalds have sold to double amount of people in the UK. That is a lot of customers and sadly I am one of them. This piece reminds me to choose better things in life that will nourish my growth, instead of preventing it.10728892_10203647645726266_1983230233_nthis is a great art work to show awareness to the people that this food is garbage. the artist tags are


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