artist conversation- Hicks

. This artist had awesome 3D objects that stood out. they had so many colors but i chose to take pictures of some gold pieces.The objects were shapes that included circles, triangles, squares, rectangles, pillars, and you can imagin how many other different shapes there were. Also, the objects were painted in very colorful colors that really stood out to me. I personally liked the piece the right, because this one was very glittery and it was a nice shade of blue. I like glitter and I liked how these pieces contained glitter. my favorite pieces looked like gold figures. they had many different shapes. the shapes were unrecognizable making it way cooler that ever.20141106_110320check out his page at


student conversation- Amber Reyes

On thursday while walking through the gallery i met this girl that was really nice. she is a sophmore here at calstate long beach. She is a human develoment major here.She is looking forward to greduate school as one of her goals. She went to lakewood high school and currently has two jobs. she was honestly a great person to talk to and she is very well spoken. she wants to become a psychology major and loves kids. in her future career she will pursue a work environment with kids. IMAG2612check out her page its

activity week 10- landscape

this week i had so much fun figuring out where i was going to take my photo. so i the kitchen was the best place and with a knife stuck on my back. This picture symbolizes how a back stabber will eventually get you if your not careful of who you hang around with. it also symbolizes the horror theme of the holloween theme this weekend. i had so much fun doing this activity. i just wish i had a puddle of blood.20141102_174821

artist conversation-Nathaniel glauninger

First of all this art was amazing and i just wondered how much it weighed. It was the first thing that cached my attention and  was a wonderful piece. To be honest the whole structure also symbolizes how material things actually are. In some people’s eyes the value of the object can be seen when they look at the item. For instance this sculpture of pennies is in the shape of a box so it’s as if that amount of money they paid for is seen. That total of pennies could have bought a box of fruit, a box of flowers, or even a small box of candy.

It was really cool to me because this artist choose the lowest form of currency to cover the sculpture. Instead of placing quarters or dollars all over it, he chose to put pennies. It made me think about what I could make with all the pennies that I have.  If I had to guess I probably have like five hundred pennies or something. This sculpture also got me to think that even though pennies are the least form of currency, what they can buy. Even though they are only worth one cent, you could save up a whole bunch of pennies and buy things. . 20141030_111149check out his page !

classmate conversation- mari ri

Marie is a third year student currently majoring in Bio-Chem; at the beginning she wasn’t quite sure what to major in and asked for advice; since her original plan was to become a doctor, she was advised to take Bio-Chem so she did, and took a microbiology class last semester. She is currently taking a psychology class and so far, she finds it interesting to learn about people’s behavior in regards to personality and differences in gender. She is currently not involved in any clubs because she works and her major, overall, is very time consuming. Though she thinks it would be nice to get involved within a club, she believes it would be much better to get an internship and, therefore, that is her main goal and focus as of right now.

She is from echo park and commutes from south gate.she wants to travel to hawaii soon and also wants to learn how to swim. 20141030_111838 check out her page!!

ABOUT ME- vlog log

Hey guys, im a recreational therapy major at CSULB. My passion is helping people with disabilities. my goal is to make people feel better about themselves while improving there lives physically and mentally. I have a passion for the human anatomy. I enjoy watching documentaries and also enjoy learning the history. You can contact me at i have a passion for underground music and avoiding mainstream garbage. I am a critical thinker and i believe we should teach our children to question everything.