artist conversation- Jeff Dulla

There was a very interesting piece displayed in the galleries this week. It was in the Gotav East gallery and it was a very vibrant and complex painting. It immediately captured my attention and I was determined to write my view of this piece. There were a few other large paintings, very similar to this one, displayed in the gallery, as well, however, this one was more gripping. It was a large painting that took up an entire wall. The colors used are quite captivating. From afar, one can immediately see the presence of a powerful tree with the various bright and dark reds used to create it and the glorified temple, with its golden hues andivine presence. this piece had very bright colors for the sun.  the blue contracts very nice to the darkness of the picture. Dulla’s strokes in this painting is also another element that adds to the complexity and texture of the piece. Dulla states that his work is “oriented and spontaneous.” He also explains that all the elements including the detailed strokes parallels chaos theory also known as “the butterfly effect.” This concept is highlight that something can seem insignificant can actually make a bigger impact. I like that Dulla played with this concept and added it to this piece.

the colors of the sun are gorgeous
the colors of the sun are gorgeous

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