classmate conversation- mari ri

Marie is a third year student currently majoring in Bio-Chem; at the beginning she wasn’t quite sure what to major in and asked for advice; since her original plan was to become a doctor, she was advised to take Bio-Chem so she did, and took a microbiology class last semester. She is currently taking a psychology class and so far, she finds it interesting to learn about people’s behavior in regards to personality and differences in gender. She is currently not involved in any clubs because she works and her major, overall, is very time consuming. Though she thinks it would be nice to get involved within a club, she believes it would be much better to get an internship and, therefore, that is her main goal and focus as of right now.

She is from echo park and commutes from south gate.she wants to travel to hawaii soon and also wants to learn how to swim. 20141030_111838 check out her page!!


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