artist conversation-Nathaniel glauninger

First of all this art was amazing and i just wondered how much it weighed. It was the first thing that cached my attention and  was a wonderful piece. To be honest the whole structure also symbolizes how material things actually are. In some people’s eyes the value of the object can be seen when they look at the item. For instance this sculpture of pennies is in the shape of a box so it’s as if that amount of money they paid for is seen. That total of pennies could have bought a box of fruit, a box of flowers, or even a small box of candy.

It was really cool to me because this artist choose the lowest form of currency to cover the sculpture. Instead of placing quarters or dollars all over it, he chose to put pennies. It made me think about what I could make with all the pennies that I have.  If I had to guess I probably have like five hundred pennies or something. This sculpture also got me to think that even though pennies are the least form of currency, what they can buy. Even though they are only worth one cent, you could save up a whole bunch of pennies and buy things. . 20141030_111149check out his page !


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