student interview – group interview

I met Salina and Marie in my Rec 110 class, which is right before Art and earlier today we got paired up in that class.

Salina is funny and inviting! Which is pretty great. Salina grew up in Pico Rivera but now lives in long beach because she goes to long beach state, and she also lives in an apartment which is cool. She is going to major in Child Development and minor in Rec and Leisure and im majoring in REcreational therapy. We have a lot of things income! She loves working with kids and works at The YMCA and is an Assistant Side Director. She also very adventurous and lives for theNight Life. She loves going out with her friends and have a night filled with fun. She has 7 tattoos which all have to do with her family and that awesome cause some people get tattoos to get tattoos and hers have meaning behind them. is her pageimg_0928two great people ive met

Marie Is currently in my recreation and leisure’s class which makes sense because she is thinking about being a recreation and leisure’s major. however she is still technically undeclared, and maybe considering child development too. I told her these two majors actually go well with each other and she should consider one as a major and one as a minor. she also works at an after school PROGRAM so she already has experience in the child development field. I bet she’ll do great in anything she chooses.  Marie is actually a 3rd year and from long beach just like me.  one of her other hobbies was actually playing soccer. she misses playing soccer too so I encouraged her to play an intermural on campus, maybe I’ll see her there sometime. anyway thanks for being my interview partner this past week please check her out at :


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