artist conversation – Kenita Hale

this gallery was very interesting and had various relics like candles, beer, change collectors. it was a little creapy to be honest.

Historical circus performers. This gallery was amazing, and wonderous because it was a dark circus tent that was funeral like. I read on some of the freaks on display including the guy that could eat anything but later died with scissors in his stomach full of pus. I found her choice of creating a dark and shadowy environment to bring her characters to life was very interesting. She provided what to
 me looked like yoga cards with information on each of the individuals and who they were. I had a hard time reading the cards so I didn’t know what the specific freakish natures were of each character. But from the plaster castings I could tell that they were not the popular kids on the block. Each individual had their own medical condition which caused an exterior deformity on their face to make people want to not be near them. Strangers would verbally abuse them about something they had no control over. 

Near every frame there were a lot of candles and some type of object. I saw a rosario, beer, mesh bag, and other objects I didn’t recognize these objects can be the personal belongings of the deceased or some of the stuff they held dear tothem. i even took a picture of the beer!


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