classmate conversation- Allan Vu

On Thursday i met a student named Allan Vu while we observed Rosa Vasquez’s art gallery. He is from Salinas California and majors in communicative disorders. He is a big fan of the San Diego Chargers. He is a sophmore that works as an RA that set up events, and is always busy working with people in housing. He enjoys the people here at CSULB and says he made the right choice coming here. He is also part of a fraternity.

We also spoke about Rosa Vasquez’s art gallery and i was surprised to know that Allan was not aware of deportations in the  USA. I was really happy that Rosa’s gallery was informing to other people who may not know about the subject. Me and Allan had a great conversation with the artist. This is the type of art that makes me feel passionate about art.

Me and Allan also spoke about the economy and other political positions.  Allan was a very interesting person and we both agreed that the media is a powerful entity that is capable of bending the facts. 20141002_111704his website is


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