artist conversation- Rosa Vazquez

On Thursday i had the joy of exploring Rosa Vasquez’s gallery. Her art was a picture of her mother telling her about her experience with getting caught by immigration and officers deported her and came back 2 weeks after. Also she has a receipt from when her mom threw her her first communion and confirmation party.  It really spoke to me because it reminded me of my parents. The details of their stories are so vague, but I know that it wasn’t easy for them to come to America.

When i spoke to Rosa she told me that she did this project to bring awareness to the community. The gallery showed people getting taken away from there house by ICE. She decided to do do this project becsause her brother was deported two years ago. The stack of paper in the gallery was of five thousand people but in reality there is five million people deported under the obama administration.  Obama lied to the people and and has deported more people than past presidents. She explained that she enjoyed a particular moment when a girl asked what can she do to help. She said that this type of experience made she work promising and a good thing.

The stack of paper cost her $200. her website is


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