classmate conversation week 4

On Tuesday i met a nice girl named Diana Vasquez that is from artesia High school. Her major is film but plans to change it to business administration. She is already taking courses in business like statistics and intro to business. she was very interested in the art and we went to all the galleries to examine them. We both talked to the artist Maccabee shelly and i soon found out he was passionate about his work and was so happy that many people were interested in his work.

She is a big Angels and baseball fan and enjoys to go to the games. She is the Oldest sibling in her household. She works Monday through Friday and is still under aged. I was very impressed by her because she is so young yet so dedicated. her favorite foods include in and out burger and other traditional foods. She has no favorite color and is a first generation college student. She is taking a total of fifteen units and her ambitions include grad school.

We also spoke about the art of Maccabee Shelly and both enjoyed the combinations and colors the glass art had. We also observed the broken parts of the piece. Glass is a simple material but yet so delicate. It can last much longer than steel but yet can be shattered with ease. It was a pleasure meeting Diana Vasquez and her page is


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