Artist conversation- Maccabee Shelley

It was a great experience speaking to the artist and getting to know his work. He  had multiple pieces made with glass. creating his own world excites him. for the paint her used interior paint or enamel for high gloss. He enjoys making things out of glasss and considers it a privilege .

Maccabee obtains recycled glass from CSULB’s recycle center and uses heat to melt, mold and shape the glass. He explains how glass can have a “mind of its own” and is able to “flow” with beauty. Each glass has its own history but it is all shaped together to create the art piece. Each piece can take up to three months to create and each sculpture requires many pieces.  It requires patience and dedication to create the structures. Another interesting fact is that Maccabee does not title or name his art. He allows the viewer to interpret it themselves. He leaves the idea open and allows people to enjoy the art, while allowing people to have their own idea of what this art is; a personal and different meaning to each viewer.

It was a pleasure exploring the art galleries this week. 20140918_11132420140918_111940amzing colors and artwork!


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