wk 3 student conversation- Johnathan Garcia

On Thursday i met a student named Johnathan Garcia and i found out we had many similarities and likes. For example we had some of the same music tastes and were big on the underground rap topic. he is majoring in healthcare administration and is on his third year. some of his hobbies include mechanics, and drag racing. he likes to watch sports like football, soccer, and basketball. He is a Dallas coyboys fan.

while talking to him i found out that he lives on his own with his girlfriend. I also found out he is a full time student and a full time worker. He explained to me all the bills he had to pay like rent and tuition. this made me realize that everyone has there struggles to make ends meet.

We also talked about the art we observed. we saw the art of stone/mud bricks. He thought they looked like ancient ruins of some sort like the remains of Pompeii.his website is https://chevroletss96.wordpress.com/



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