8/28 classmate conversation: Elizabeth

On, Thursday i met an interesting classmate that was enthusiastic about Art 110, and it turns out she got me looking forward to this course. Talking with her was a breeze because we got along so well. I also found out we had a lot in common and she is majoring in Kinesiology which was a major i was hoping to get into before finding my true calling for my a Recreation Major. Another thing we had in common was that she enjoys trying different things and is adventurous. As a Recreation major my goals are to improve the lifestyle of people in the form of play and leisure,therefore being adventurous is a quality i admire in someone. 

We also talked about some of our favorite foods and she quickly told me her favorite was authentic Mexican food. She also explained that she and her family had dinner together at least once a week including all relatives, and i could see how important that is for her. Elizabeth also likes to hike and often takes local hiking trips. she says she plans on hiking in San Pedro someday because she has not hiked there yet. 

I’m very exited for the different art experiences i will be having this semester including meeting actual artists! Me and Elizabeth also discussed the art work we saw, for example the picture of James Franco with no head. Together we analyzed it and realized that the art work could mean “close minded” because of the headless person with his arms crossed. image





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